DaQuan Hayes, better known as PLuGG is a recording artist and future music mogul set to make

major noise in the rap game. Making Hip-hop trap music with a surprising twist of metaphorical

lyrics, this Westside Atlanta native is working his way up with just six years in the game!

PLuGG originally got his name from a nickname in high school, being known as the one to have

his hand in a little bit of everything. After graduation, the name stuck as he began his journey

through the Hip-hop world. He originally began rapping to be productive and to stay out of

trouble, but with the encouragement of his peers he began to take it more seriously. After

playing around with songwriting and recording for three years, he realized he had the talent to

really make it in music. He has been in grind mode ever since.

With the love of music from his home town, PLuGG is focused on bringing back the type of

music he was inspired by in the Westside of Atlanta. Influenced by Atlanta Hip-hop icons like

T.I. and the late Shawty Lo, he was determined to make it out by starting to follow in their

footsteps of building a global brand. His lyrics, touching on subjects he witnesses through his

own eyes, he addresses where he came from and where he’s now going.

Building his own lane through his life experiences, his unique rhymes help tell his story. He

partners up with some of Atlanta’s upcoming hit-making producers such as Young Lan, Purp on

the Beat, Lanlord collectin and THA MONSTA. PLuGG expressed, “I want to work with a lot of

producers. I feel like different producers will bring out different sounds in me.” His single Out

The Gym or “ODG” featuring RED and produced by Proto_Cal, is just a taste of the raw sound he

delivers to Hip-hop. PLuGG’s bringing back authentic Trap music, while building his empire to

bring success to his family and friends.

PLuGG is currently recording his next few projects while perfecting his craft to take his brand to

the next level. In the studio, in constant work mode, he’s creating the next bangers for his new

mixtapes, O.T.N ON THEY NECK” vol. 1 and HOLLYWOOD RAISED. With a passion for life and

building an international brand, rapper PLuGG is soon to be the next hit-maker coming straight

out of the “A”.